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Welcome to The Sketch Café

Coffee and Art in One

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Create in Comfort

We are a new business created by Alejandro Nava who aims to support his fellow artist. Art is our main focus with our café. We aim to create a creative space that artists and everyday customers can relax and enjoy art. We offer refreshing beverages, snacks, and desserts to enjoy while you either create beautiful art, enjoy live music, or watch artists in their process. We offer dedicated spaces for just creating art as well as the café. Artist can subscribe to monthly plans to have access to supplies as well and even rent out a personal studio space for their own creative bubble. We also promote artists by displaying their artworks, offering live performances, and hosting auctions of patrons' art. Please come visit us and see all the talent of our patrons.

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Our Coffee Collection

Just a Hint of our Selection

Triple Blended Coffee Beans

With our Triple Blended Coffee Beans you can finally feel like a professional barista. Bright and clean with an intense burst of flavor, these full-bodied beans strike a perfect balance between the most delicate roasts and fruitful aromas.

Lightly Roasted Coffee Beans

Our Lightly Roasted Coffee Beans offer the world a chance to brighten every day with a whole lot of flavor and inspiration. Try these to receive the perfect balance between bold flavor and subtle sweetness.

Columbian Blended Espresso Beans

Skillfully roasted and carefully blended, our Columbian Blended Espresso Beans don’t just wake you up in the morning, they pack a lasting punch that is sure to leave you wanting more. Silky smooth and full of layered flavors, there’s really no better way to start your day.

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Our Art Collection

Everything Needed to Create

Rent/Purchase Art Supplies

Our café welcomes artist of all levels from professionals to newcomers by offering supplies of all levels to patrons. Basic supplies are available at a low cost, and more advanced supplies can be bought such as higher end paints, markers, and large canvases.

Rent Art Spaces

We understand that some require their own private space to make their art. This is why you can rent a space for various time periods that allow privacy.

Public Exposure For Artist

We understand that art is a field heavily dependent on public exposure. This is why we take an extra step by providing bulletin boards, social media shout-outs, and even offer monthly auctions for artist to get their name out there.

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Local Coffee Shop

Opening Hours

Come Visit!

Monday-Thursday: 12pm-10pm
Friday-Sunday: 10am-12am

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